Kenny Maciejewski is an American musican, songwriter and producer best known for his attempts to defeat gravity while performing over 1000 shows across the U.S. and Canada in the last two decades with the bands "Something To Do", "Vitamin King" and "the Barnuns". while opening for acts that include: The Offspring, The Beach Boys, G Love and Special Sauce, the Spin Doctors, The Skatelites and the Mighty Mighty Bosstones.  As a member of "Something To Do" and "Vitamin King", Kenny holds a dozen Wisconsin Area Music Industry nominations that include "Album of the Year", "Best New Artist", "Best Pop Rock Artist" and "Best Ska Artist".  Both acts combined have sold tens of thousands of CD's and downloads.
 Kenny's credits for writing, recording, releasing and producing span 15 albums, numerous compilations and licensing credits that include MTV, Henkel Consumer Adhesives (Duck Tape), and Acid Bath Productions.
Kenny Maciejewski was a leading force in the last two decades of the Midwest Ska, Alternative and Punk Rock scenes.  As the owner of Trapdoor Records, he worked to unite a divided music scene through the release of two "Wiskansin" compilation CD's in the late 90's.  When a local University discontinued "Skappleton", the longest running annual Ska music festival in the U.S., Kenny took over promotion and ownership of the event.
He studied business and audio production at the University of Wisconsin Whitewater and taught recording classes at Ball State University before operating his own recording studio originally called "Trapdoor Records Studios" and recently re-opened as "Lift Up Music" which serves as an umbrella organization for all of his music business ventures.