Recording in a Cave

Have you ever recorded in a Cave?  While I've scrolled through some interesting reverb pre-sets likely created by audio engineers with a fondness for spelunking, I've never done so myself.  In any case, our subject today is not a literal cave, but Cave Studios in the Milwaukee area.  Long time Milwaukee musician and business-man Tony Goff opened the facility in the back of an old candy factory now owned by his family business.  As far as studios with a "cool-factor" in the Milwaukee area, this one stands out.  It features a tracking room with iso booth, control room, arcade, live performance area (with bar) and basketball court.  The facility itself is large, the actual studio isn't huge, but what  studio is these days.  I was able to meet engineer/producer Brett Schimke and Joe Hite who showed me some of their high-end gear collection.  Cave Studios is another great highlight of the Milwaukee music scene.  Check them out at: 

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