Why should you trust your recording or mixing project to Lift Up Music?

  • Do you want your recorded songs to get your fans excited about how good your latest release sounds?  
  • Do you want to make recordings that get you more bookings? 
  • Do you want your songs to play on iTunes, Spotify and Pandora right between your favorite major artists? 
  • Do you ever wonder why the tracks you're recording yourself don't sound the way you want them to? 
  • Do you want to maximize your art and showcase it in the best possible light?
                Achieve your goal with our recording philosophy that focuses on the big picture of your music, a chain that links like this:
Song, Performer, Instrument, Environment and finally Equipment and Skillset
The stronger every link in the chain is, the better your finished product will be.  We partner with you in recording and producing your music to maximize that chain for the best recording possible.  
  • Record all or part of your project in our studio where you can work in a colorful and comfortable environment with added gear choices to maximize your creativity.  
  • Maybe you want to record yourself but need a help getting started to ensure that your home recording comes out better. Have us come to your space to get the best results in an environment you're most comfortable in.
  • Need help polishing your mix, send over your tracks

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