April 1, 2017 in Waukesha, WI - 1:00 - 5:00

Four hour Drum Recording Clinic for Beginners - Limited to the first 4 people $50

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If you have 2 mics or 10, small space or large, with the proper preparation, a good drum sound is possible and we'll walk through a step by step process in a home studio situation during this clinic.  Join our hands on experience with the opportunity for experimentation and questions in this small group setting.

A hands on drum recording class that will cover all aspect of preparation and recording  of acoustic drums:

  • Song - If there isn't a song, there's nothing to put a beat to
  • Performer - Preparing the performer for recording drums
  • Instrument - A drum set is one instrument with many parts - Choosing the right drums, heads, sticks and tuning for recording 
  • Environment - How to properly  assess your recording location to make decisions to get the best drum recording
  • Equipment - Review the links in your signal chain and how they affect drum recording (mics, cables, preamps,)
  • Skillset - Learn the basic necessary skills for recording drums - mic selection, mic placement, gain staging, phase, EQ, and compression
  • and a few mixing basics to get you started!

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