Recording a Single - Talking Local Music Podcast Interview

Ben Janzow is an amazing local guitar instructor and musician! He was kind enough to interview me on his podcast "Talking Local Music" on the topic of recording a single.

Sing It With a Smile

Like me, you might have tried to switch mics, route to other preamps, add compression or different reverbs, hoping the gear would fix it, but still the track remained lifeless.  Then it dawned on me, the gear wasn't the problem it was me.

Go LIVE to warm up for the studio

...sometimes, not always, pushing yourself through a PA to the energy of a live crowd can be just the thing that's needed to get a great vocal take.

Recording in a Cave

Have you ever recorded in a Cave?  While I've scrolled through some interesting reverb pre-sets likely created by audio engineers with a fondness for spelunking, I've never done so myself.

Want to improve your musical skills this year?

... write time into your calendar right now, to collaborate with other musicians at least 2-3 times in the coming year!

Great song, Great performance, Great instruments = Great Recording

I was fortunate enough to visit and tour Jack White's "Third Man Records" recently where all music is recorded in one-take, in front of a live audience and cut directly to vinyl Pro-Tools (DAW) edits or re-takes.  Just pure magic of the moment.  Jack's album, "Lazaretto" debuted at number on the Billboard 200...


Less is more in the studio

When recording fewer songs, the artist and engineer have more time to focus on the following key aspects of the recording process resulting in more professional sounding recordings!

TAXI Road Rally 2013

Michael Laskow, TAXI CEO, promised “A life changing experience in the marketing for the event, and he delivered a paradigm shift like no other.

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